Registration for the WSA Fall League is now open! Register your player today!
Registration for the WSA Fall League is now open! Register your player today!

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We are very excited to start the 2020 Fall season, and we are even more excited that you are apart of it. Washington Soccer Association has committed to our mission of player development and that starts with you as coaches. 2019/2020 was the start of something great and we look to continue to grow that success. WSA knows that player development starts with appropriate coaching and support of those coaches.

The association understands that in order for its players to be successful, our coaches need to be successful as well. During our 2019/2020 season, over 50 coaches achieved MYSA (Missouri Youth Soccer Association) certification. This means that our coaches have a standard that allows them to create success and opportunities for their players and team.

It is a great time to be a WSA coach. We reserve Lakeview Soccer complex as the home of all WSA team practices, utilize a play-practice-play model for practices, in addition to sharing practice plans for each week.  Player development is not only our mission, but our personal priority.  Over half, of the board members are also MYSA certified.

Coaches are required to complete the following for MYSA Certification:

If you are Returning for a new season, the following is all that is required:
Thank you,
Alex Moraes
WSA Director of Coaching

Lauren Banion

WSA Assistant Director of Coaching

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